Strategic Services

Value, Risk, and Decisions

Build Foresight

  • Businesses face constant change, a deluge of questions, and disruption from competitors and new consumer technology.
  • It is foresight that enables leaders to respond ethically, responsibly, and without undue burden when new conditions arise.
  • Modern Constant has extensive experience in understanding value, driving decisions with evidence, and identifying risks to success.
  • We recognize that work doesn't end when a decision is made, that results must be measured and optimizations considered.
  • We disclose and document our methods, helping you refresh decisions, drive reuse, and promote sustainability.

Modern Constant's step-by-step approach

  1. Build deep understanding of your value model
  2. Use consequence-based risk management to identify risks to value generation
  3. Enable decision-making through evidence-based decision support

Things we do

  • Decision support and process guidance
  • Business plan review for new businesses and new products
  • Risk analysis, scoring models, dashboards, infographics, board exhibits
  • Value models, monitoring, and consequence-based risk management
  • Multi-discipline (UX, CX, Development, IT, DevOps, Privacy, Infosec) risk management
  • Measurement, monitoring, testing, research, and Continuous Improvement
  • Prototypes, proof-of-concepts, and Minimum Viable Products (MVP)
  • Custom data extraction, workflows, and integrations
  • Open Source software solutions and strategy
  • Remote, cross-discipline, multi-discipline teams design, training and operations

Already have some solutions?

Modern Constant's extensive experience in technology operations can help you tame and optimize your existing solutions.

We accept retrofit and maintenance work. All work receives the same care and attention as our own designs.