About Us

Our Vision

1. Everyone deserves high-quality technology solutions.

  • Whether you're a tech pro or you hate technology, we're proud to be part of your competitive advantage.
  • We will work with clients to realize their vision even if they don't know what work they need done.
  • We work with clients worldwide, and are based in Maine, United States of America.
  • Our clients are small businesses, enterprise IT teams and leaders, nonprofits, and future business owners.

2. Our client list and client's projects are not used in our pitches.

  • We believe in the privacy of our clients and their projects, so speak about our capabilities not our clients.
  • Your customers should focus on your brand not ours. Websites we build are "white label" and do not include our branding.
  • We are glad to consider projects which must be executed under an NDA.
  • We recognize the sensitivity of projects from corporate Compliance, Accounting, Audit, Privacy, Legal, and Risk functions.

3. Pricing, goals and timeline should be clear.

  • Our standard rate is $125/hr. Special pricing may be available for projects lasting 2+ weeks, and strategic planning events.
  • A monthly rate is available for virtual CxO/CTO/CIO/CIO services based on your specific requirements.
  • Every project should have a business purpose. When we build, fix, or design, measurement is part of the plan.
  • Projects should have a start and an end. We'll tell you how many hours similar work has taken in the past.
  • Open-ended on-demand, on-call, and emergency service may be provided to established customers based on availability.

4. We take respect seriously.

  • We work for on-time delivery of high-quality solutions.
  • Implementation work occurs through Design.
  • Our solutions are ethically-sourced, researched, tested and documented.
  • We want your clients to have positive User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX).